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To repair your motor vehicles rely on experience and efficiency of our company Cb Car Service: you’ll be surely satisfied! We are the only bodyshop authorised by Citroen in Brindisi, at your disposal for every intervention on your under guarantee, private or rent car. We also have replacements branded by Citroen. For every eventuality call us or come to visit us in our store and request a free quote: our specialised staff will be at your disposal in order to dispel every doubts and recommend the most congenial solution for you.

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07/ 08 / 2017
Polishing the car is a very delicate operation, with which you delete paint imperfections achieving the predefined aims about brightness and lightness. So place your trust in professionals of the car polishing sector.
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Car repair

About repairing your car, our technicians take an accurate and detailed procedural iter in: damage assessment, disassemble, template bench, preparation area for putties and finish, painting booth, assembly and polishing.
Our specialised staff works on application of plastic wraps for the embellishment of your car and the protection of the paint. If you want to stand out from the crowd don’t hesitate and come try our customization with stickers to class your car up!
Windscreen repair

If the damage on your windscreen is not bigger then a two euro coin, we repair it with a special resin giving its solidity back. In case of worse damage we recommend to change the windscreen because a little chip can cause the crushing in case of vibrations in uneven roads.

The important process of polishing of our technicians is developed in two essential steps: the first one not to do opacification of the paint; the second one is polishing the teflon, for the protection of the paint, for six months, from most common and daily inconveniences.
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