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About us

Despite the foundation of Cb Car Service in Brindisi is relatively recent, its history is rooted far behind. In fact its owner, Cosimo Balestra, has initiated this business with the main purpose of delivering services that fully meet the needs of customers, continuing with those values that have always distinguished it: seriousness , professionality, transparency and accuracy. History and innovation blend to achieve successful goals. In fact Cosimo regularly participates in professional training courses, with the only goal of knowing and mastering cutting edge technologies, especially in the paint industry. In this sector the leading company is R-M, which produces body paints for almost a century and is a provider of Cb Car Service. Another provider of our bodyshop is 3M, a company specialised in the supply of equipment and tools for processing in this field.

Where we are

The activity is located in a shed of about one thousand sqm in the industrial area of Brindisi. The structure consists of a mounting area, a paint oven, two aspiring levels for storage and repair preparations and the template bunch. Cb Car Service’s staff employs the work of five workers, each one skilled in their own sector: one deals with the template bunch, two in preparation and painting and two in assembly. The owner, in addition to managing and organising the staff, also deals with some practical tasks, especially painting. The main feature, as well the strengh of the company, is the speed: it works, in fact, in an extremely fast way without neglecting efficency and effectiveness. In addition the staff is always available to accomodate any customer request and in some situations to advise what may be the most suitable solution to the needs of the client.