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Car painting Brindisi


We at Cb Car Service are specialised in car painting in Brindisi; we guarantee you a first-rate assistance thanks to the work of our specialised staff and the help of the best products. Our painting-related work is characterised by ability to combine precision, speed of execution and quality. The materials we use, combined with our technologies, ensure the perfect goal of the operation regardless the size of damage to your car. Nothing prevents that small imperfections could be eliminated even in the day.
Respect for the environment

Simplicity of use, reduced drying time, the best possible performance for finishes and especially no environmental damage. This is what our company guarantees thanks to the used materials, which are synonymous of high quality.
Our highly qualified staff assures you a great painting service and impeccable results in both small and large-scale damage.
Our goal is to take your car back to the original splendor!

To achieve a good painting, two basic rules must be followed: using only highest quality paints and being able to recognize where, how and when the precious work times decrease. We are always up to date with the latest technologies as long as they comply with our standard.
At the service of customer

In case of dents, scratches or anything else, don’t beat around the bush because the closer you wait the more the conditions of your car could get worse! Come to visit us and our staff will take care of the damage assessment, offer you the various ways of operation and, on your specific request, will advise the type of intervention in line with your needs.