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Windscreen repair Brindisi


Windscreen repair


If you need to repair or replace your car's glasses come to Cb Car Service: for fifteen years we have been working on windscreen repairs in Brindisi! In case of chipping, it’s not said that the glass is necessarily to be changed; however, it will have to be repaired as soon as possible because the car's vibration could get worse the situation. Repair may be sufficient only in certain cases: if the damage does not exceed the size of a two euro coin, if it is positioned more than five cm away from the border of the windscreen, if it doesn’t hinder the driver's vision. In different cases, replacement is usually indispensable.

Maximum security

From an operational point of view, repairs are done through the use of a quick-acting fluid resin which, in addition to having a great aesthetic performance, take the original solidity back to the glass. Obviously, for a perfect success, it is crucial that repair is done as soon as possible. If replacement is required, the entire windscreen must be changed. At this point, after using specific techniques to prevent the crushing of glass its dispersing inside the car, the new windscreen is tested before installing.
About the chipping of front and rear windows, the law about safety provides for compulsory replacement. Rely on our staff to evaluate the conditions of your car and we will be able to advise you on intervention, replacement or repair, which should be the best for you.